Thursday, August 19, 2021

Real Or Fake? Mathild Tantot Opens Up About Surgery

 Real Or Fake? Mathild Tantot Opens Up About Surgery

In an era of facetuned selfies and surgeons offering free services for influencers, insta-famous twins Mathild & Pauline Tantot are no stranger to over-analysed criticism on their figures. 

In a statement that was posted via IG stories, Mathild gets real candid with her audience vulnerably explaining the pairs surgeries.

Today, we're here to clear up all the photoshop rumours. Here's a quick breakdown on everything you need to know...

Who are Mathild & Pauline Tantot?
These french bombshells take twinning to another level! An international instagram sensation, twin sisters best known for expressing themselves unapologetically through nudity.

They travel around the globe, creating content to millions of followers all while self-managing their modelling careers & bikini brand Khassani Swimwear. 

Mathild shares: "Since day once I have liked to take photos with little clothing. My relationship with my body has always been good. I have never had a problem sunbathing topless on the beach"

Did Tantot twins have surgery?
Mathild shares: "I have never had surgery except for my nose. The liquid from my buttocks injections is completely absorbed. Yes I have lip injections, nothing else. My chest and waist are 100% natural.

Today I am proud to say that I am a woman, my body is my asset, it is my weapon. My body is my power."


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